Quilt As You Go

I used to believe there was only one way to “quilt as you go.” I found an old book at the library with instructions, but I returned it after I read about the “frame” I would need to build for it! I complained to a friend about my disappointment, and she said, “Well, I know a method and I’ll teach you.” That was my first experience with flip and squish. It was similar to what was in the book so it kept me in the dark of the true possibilities and diversity of quilt as you go. What people don’t like about the flip and squish method, is the ridge that it forms. I don’t mind that at all!

I was working on my flip and squish qayg method and telling another quilter about my great fortune in having a friend who taught it to me. She laughed at me and said, “Well, I can teach you two more ways.” What? I was in shock. Literally! More than one way to quilt as you go? Not only that, but two of my friends had the knowledge I was seeking. My mind was blown… three different ways to quilt as you go!

The story gets even better, of course, because I was then introduced to a fourth method! Now, this really was what FlyLady calls a “God Breeze.” I was introduced to several different methods of quilt as you go just when I needed it. I still wanted to quilt, but I just couldn’t handle a full size quilt in my machine. I was in too much pain all the time!

Having a realistic goal to set will help you “get back to quilting” as well. Manageable chunks of fabric to deal with make it easier… not easy, just easier… to quilt. I am going to be listing videos as soon as I do them of the different methods I have learned. I am always happy to learn more, so please share. 🙂

  • Flip and Squish Quilt As You Go Method

  • Stitch and Flip or Flip and Stitch Quilt As You Go Method


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