My Philosophy

My philosophy? “Yes, you can!” or “Sí, se puede.” I heard this in a dream one night, and since I don’t speak Spanish I had to go ask a friend what it meant. I don’t know how that ended up in my dream, but after reading a testimonial from one of FlyLady’s followers, I knew I could finish a project.

My first project was not a full size quilt, but rather a wonderful little wall-hanging, which took me almost two months to complete. It taught me to break things down into smaller portions that I could deal with. So what if I couldn’t give an hour a day to become proficient like the “professionals” do! I could only do what I could do… and at that time, it was five minutes a day. There were times I did not even have the energy for five minutes and other days that I gave ten. It all worked out. It proved to me that “Yes! I can do it!”

So, truly, my philosophy is start out with five minutes a day. Give it a shot! Maybe you can give fifteen minutes or an hour daily, or quite possibly you only have the energy for ten minutes a week. Just be the little engine that could and just TRY. Failure to create anything was what I did for a long time, by not even trying. Try and mess up? Well, still learned something right? Projects can’t be completed without those little baby steps… mistakes and all.

5 minutes daily helped me accomplish this little beauty!

5 minutes daily helped me accomplish this little beauty!

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