About Me and why I started “Quiltinator”

Several years ago, I got the “quilting” bug.  I was a Girl Scout Troop leader, a 4-H Club leader, an AWANA helper, volunteer in Sunday School and a mom of little girls.  I say this so you’ll realize how surrounded by crafts and sewing I was.  Even though my great-grandmother, Frances, and I pieced blocks together when I was young, it was not until my 9 year old wanted to learn to quilt that I “caught it”.  She and I still have this love in common and it binds us together in a way that surpasses the mother/ daughter bond.

Since my marriage 20+ years ago, I noticed strange pains that I would put out of my mind.  “This is because I’m pregnant,” I rationalized.  “This is my body getting back to normal.”  “This is because I am pregnant, again.”  “This is because I’m not getting enough sleep.”  “This is because I must have slept in a crooked position.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH!  There was always a reason!  And then, the pain grew worse… and then I began to not be able to sleep because of the pain.  When I really started to take notice was when I started dropping out of my life and the lives of my babies.

I got to the point where I was homebound.  I would drive my kids to piano practice and sleep in the car.  I would drive my kids to the grocery store, give them the list and money… and sleep in the car.  I didn’t go anywhere except to the doctor.  I began going to the doctor pretty often.  In fact, I began going to the doctor all of the time it seemed.  3 or 4 times a year is more than I’d gone for anything other than with my babies.

I began sleeping a lot!  I also had lots of pain.  There were days where I would sleep 14 to 16 hours at a time, and then there were times that I might only get a couple of hours of sleep.  There were times when my pain level was so high that I couldn’t sleep and I could barely move.  Sitting at my laptop just moving the mouse would be just about all I could do.  That is when I made the decision to start up a Facebook account just so I could keep up with life.  I also started watching YouTube.  Just because I couldn’t sew or craft did not mean I still didn’t want to see what other people were creating and how they were doing it.  I also started playing World of Warcraft.  All these things kept my mind occupied while my family was sleeping and it kept my mind focused on something other than pain.

After a few years of going to the doctor, countless tests of all types, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Due to other problems, I was also diagnosed with asthma and given an inhaler.  I have tons of allergies and take weekly allergy shots.  To finally be diagnosed was a God send!  Not knowing what is wrong with you is the worst!  My poor family just knew I felt terrible, but not what the problem was for YEARS!

Getting the right medications has opened my life back up.  The possibilities are so wonderful!  I am able to go to the grocery store, shop and stand in line!  I am able to drive somewhere with my children and actually get out of my car and visit with REAL people.  Fly Lady has helped me have routines that I’m usually able to follow and bless my family in ways that I couldn’t for years!  My darling husband gets dinner… at least once a week. 🙂

Medication has not stopped all the pain.  In fact, there are times that I have to take full doses of pain medications just to get up and moving.  I was blessed that my doctors told me to take as little as possible and just take what I need to get by.  I am still in pain all of the time, but I am able to get up, get going and live my life with hope.  I have learned a few tips and tricks in my life that help me to Get Back To Quilting and get back to doing other things in my life that I want to do.  My hope is that by my experiences you will be able to get back to quilting, crafting, and doing the things that have been put on the back burner in your life due to your pain.

So I encourage you to Get Back To Quilting!  Get back to your life!  I just hope I can help.

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