A Dedicated Space

Do you have a space dedicated to sewing, quilting, crafting or whatever other hobby you may have? Finding space to store all of the tools you need is a task in itself! If you are quilting or sewing, a place for a machine, a cutting area, and an ironing station can take up a lot of room, but it does not have to.

If you have small children in the house, it can be difficult to leave your machine out, but areas that can be sectioned off with a baby gate are a good starting place. Having your pins and needles in cases when you are not using them may give you peace of mind. It is just as simple as placing your pincushion in an old butter tub with the lid and little hands can’t get poked very easily. Sheaths on your shears and pencil cases are great storage for scissors and rotary cutters. A little bit of safety goes a long way!

Ironing stations can be the most hazardous places in your sewing and crafting areas. Bottles of water and starch dropped on your feet are bad enough, but your pets and kids running around might tip things off your ironing board and hurt them or damage your flooring. Worst of all are irons being pulled off by little ones grasping cords. The most dangerous concern is if the iron is heated.

Remember, that practicing a little each day will help you get better and stay consistent. Getting your machine and tools out each time you want to work and then put them all away again is drudgery and you won’t do it. Having a table set up in your bedroom, basement, or spare bedroom will mean that you’ll have the ability to when you want to.

At times, having fibromyalgia, my pain level is too high or I don’t have the energy to quilt, iron, or even look at my fabric. I might go days or even a week between sessions, but having my stuff set up allows me the opportunity when I’m up to it. The only real work is cleaning up after I’m done for the day. 🙂

If you can find one, having a dedicated space is the best way to further your skills. You’ll know where your tools are. You will have a place… for you.

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