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Yes, Virginia…YOU can be Santa Claus!

I know several people who choose NOT to allow their children to believe in Santa Claus. They believe it takes away from the authenticity of their religious beliefs, or to permit make believe lends to people not taking life seriously when life is hard enough without the distractions of a world where counterfeit societies reside. […]

Happy National Quilting Day!

National Quilting Day is the third Saturday in March every year! How fun is that? Something great to look forward to each year. Spring always makes us want to change a few things, clean out a few things, diet and lose a little! How about a day just to share your enjoyment with the world […]

Yee Haw!

Sometimes you just need a little project to kick start your quilting. Curby’s Closet possesses the most fetching footwear for the small fry! I chose Cowboy Boots, but there are loads to choose from. I am pretty sure they go together similarly so this tutorial will more than likely still help you even if you […]

Getting Back To Quilting