Yes, Virginia…YOU can be Santa Claus!

I know several people who choose NOT to allow their children to believe in Santa Claus. They believe it takes away from the authenticity of their religious beliefs, or to permit make believe lends to people not taking life seriously when life is hard enough without the distractions of a world where counterfeit societies reside. Some claim that by telling their children there is no Santa, or Easter Bunny, or fairies, or unicorns, or dragons, or fauns, or a various amount of other creatures that they can read about in history books, mythological books, and even the Bible, does not destroy the magic of the season or their imagination and wonder. OK, so Santa, EB and fairies are not in the Good Book, but lots of other creatures are. Just because they are not around today… or maybe they are and a rhino is the unicorn the Bible speaks of. We have lost many creatures within the last 150 years to extinction, and we don’t say they are mythological, but I digress… I understand these reasons, and I will support my acquaintances with their convictions, and to be clear I am not ragging on them and their choices.

I personally believe that ANYONE can be Santa Claus. You can! Your kids can! The mean third grade teacher that makes kids accountable for their homework can! I have always told my kids that there IS a Santa Claus, but the real Santa Claus doesn’t look like the hefty man with white hair and a white beard wearing red. There are many Santa Clauses… all over the world. There might be one at the North Pole, and maybe even one at the South Pole, but there are tons of Santas everywhere on the earth. These Santas don’t just give presents on the ONE day we choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. (We all know that is not the real birthdate anyway. December 25th is the day the government chose to allow everyone time off so they could celebrate in their own personal way.) These Santas work all year round. They work in their everyday ordinary jobs. They might be a grocery store clerk, or a nurse, or a petroleum engineer, or a crane operator, or a stay at home family member taking care of an ailing parent or a small child, or a bunch of kids. They are people who see a need and does something about it. I understand the nay-sayers point that being the hands and feet of God cheapens the actions if you say they are from Santa Claus. I disagree. To me it is like being the person praying in the closet so no one sees them versus the guys praying loudly in the streets for all to see… They get their reward of being noticed. Just my opinion.

Whenever anyone sees someone in need and helps them without receiving the praise humankind craves, then they have just become Santa Claus. You see all of the pay it forward ideas on Pintrest or with a web search, and you will see that most are anonymous. There is something powerful about doing something small without anyone else knowing about it. How long can we be Santa’s helper, or Batman, or the masked neighborhood watch advocate without being caught? Just leaving a positive note, not choosing to complain when you have every right to, and assistance unnoticed is a magical achievement.

Those quilters, knitters, crocheters, sandwich makers, bakers, and sewers who give their time, yarn, fabric, money, food, and skills to donate to the various charities in need all year around are Santa Clauses. It would be a rare event for a recipient of a quilt, a hat, or afghan to meet it’s maker or makers. Making items for your family and friends is a gift that they can hold onto and think of you, even if you spent 80 hours on a quilt that is now in the dogs kennel. They know where it came from. Hopefully, one day it will be truly appreciated. Project Linus, preemie softies for the local hospital, Quilts of Valor, blankets for EMS to wrap survivors of car crashes and house fires in, new clothes for children of abuse, hats and mittens to go in shoe boxes, and the list goes on and on. Maybe you are not the crafty sort, but you see the needs around you and reach out to meet those needs. Whether it is buying a small gift to brighten someones day, making candy for your coworkers, having bread, milk, and peanut butter delivered to someone just so they can make it until the next payday, YOU can be Santa. It doesn’t matter what the date is. Go forth and be a blessing to someone… even if all you can afford right now is to smile and choose kind words, because you really, truly can be a real life Santa Claus.

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