Why does my mind have to go so fast?

As my projects take longer and longer, and my brain begins filling up with ideas for other activities, I feel the absence of my mind.  At least when it comes to doing things like updates and chores and grocery shopping and anything “normal.”  My hands don’t work as fast as my gray matter and that poses a little problem.  I’ve begun keeping a note pad and pencil near me as ideas that sound great right now might be lost due to the inadequacies of my extremities.  Slowly my little book is filling up, and once again I am the girl who doesn’t finish things.

Diligently, I work on the construct in front of me, but it becomes tedious and I just want it finished!  I start on something else to give myself a break… always with the intention of finishing my most recent undertaking.  I turn around and find that I have done this before and now there are five previous pursuits that have not been completed.  OK.  I will put all, but one away.  I will just work on the ONE until I have finished my task, but OH, something new has popped into my cranium and I have to write it down before it is lost forever.

It won’t hurt if I put this one away and grab one of the other labors of love that need attending.  Ugh… this new one in my noodle won’t even let me think.  I have to succumb to the new.  I put down the old… again.  And now I am surrounded by six new avocations…  None of which are completed.  Eeny, meeny, miney, moe.

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